Your States define the Physique, Morale and Concentration of your Player Character. The three affect your Character as their dealt damage, and as such can tip the balance in or out of your favour during combat.

You can keep track of your States through the State Bars in your Player Character Status. These three coloured bars each track a State. The Physique State is tracked in the top orange bar, the Morale State is tracked in the middle purple bar and the Concentration State is tracked in the bottom green bar.

Information from TCOS Manual

State RanksEdit

When neutral and without effects, the State Bars are half filled they have a State Rank of zero. However, States can be increased or decreased by incurring positive and negative effects either through (your own) Skill use, Consumables or other effects.

Incurring an effect makes the State Bar lose or gain a State Rank. Less State Rank than neutral lowers the State’s effect for the Player Character. More State Rank heightens the State’s effect for the Player Character. Each State influences the following values:

  • Physique State affects Movement Speed in and out of combat
  • Morale State affects Damage Output for Melee, Ranged, and Magic
  • Concentration State affects Attack Speed and Skill Deck rotation speed

For example: a low Physique State Rank would lower a Player Character’s Movement Speed.

While your State Rank can be heightened or lowered while In-Combat, it will slowly fall back to its Base Level while Out-of-Combat: a State Rank of zero by default. All effects are therefore temporary while a Player Character is engaged in combat.

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