Class ChoiceEdit


The first screen of character creation: Class choice

When creating your character you get the option of 3 classes:

Each of the classes will show a bit of information on the paths you can take once you are level five and the class in general.

Race and Gender SelectionEdit


Picking your Race and Body

Step 2 is to pick your race, gender and build. Each race has its own muscular (or fat) builds. The race you pick for you character does not affect your stats in any way. It is purely cosmetic. At this screen you can also pick your skin tone from 256 colors.

Hair, Face and VoiceEdit


Picking your Hair, Face and Voice

Next step is you hair, face and voice. Each Facial structure has two eye colors, each eye color has three stages of "age". There are eight voices to pick from as well as 265 hair colors.


Step 4 consists solely of the picking of tattoos. You can pick tattoos for your upper body, left arm and right arm. You can choose whether you want to pick the left or right arm by clicking the L and R buttons next to the selections for "Upper Arm"

Clothing SelectionEdit


Picking your clothes

Next up is clothing. You can pick out of tons of items to give your character a look of its own. You can also pick your dye for your armor from 256 colors. Mind you that if you create or buy new armor, you will have to buy new dye! All the more reason to take your pick carefully!

Armor SelectionEdit

Next is the armor selection. Here you can pick from a wide range of different armors, of which several left and right can be separated, making for a lot of possibilities. These armors can be dyed with the same pallette as clothing can. If you choose not to take and head item or body armor, you will automatically get The Emperor's New armors to make sure you still have the sigil slots available.



Arm up!

The next step is Choosing your weapons. Note that two handed weapons have the same amount of sigil slots as single handed weapons. The amount ond types of sigils slots will remain the same for all weapons throughout the game, so if you like your weapon enough, you will never have to change it.

Naming your CharacterEdit

The Very last step is naming your character. Once this is done you can get on and have fun in the world of Spellborn!

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