As the Oracle led the Enclave through the Deadspell Storm and sent it to the edged of the red rim, the shard of Carnyx lay beckoning, trapped within the Undying Ice.

First reconnaissance of this new shard led the settlers to the ice covered walls of a grand canyon. As more and more of the Undying Ice was thawed by the Barbarian Seal, a race of birdlike creatures called the Vhuul was set free once more. Instead of thanking the enclave for releasing them from their icy prisonm they tore the unsuspecting settlers to shreds and took the Barbarian Seal to melt the remainder of their hive.

When the Enclave found out what had transpired on Carnyx, they sent an army there to reclaim their lost articfact. But in the months it had taken to amass their army, the Vhuul had thawed the remainder of Carnyx, outnumbering the enclave three to one. The war that ensued is known as The War of Shadow's Hammer in which the Enclave lost one of their greatest heroes to the force driving the Vhuul.

There are various types of Vhuul roaming the hive in Carnyx where they await the rebirth of their leader: the mighty Archfell, the Vhuul hive has fallen in disarray. While not many Vhuul have been traveeling the deadspell storm, there are records of that show they do not lack the means to do so. Several reports indicate the precence of Vhuul on shards such as Ringfell, but as of yet no one can confirm these claims.

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