After the explosion within the Ancestral Forge that ripped through the Green District of Quarterstone, a disease was unleashed upon the inhabitants of the entire zone. This disease, known as 'The Tempest', left in its wake a group of people that no longer had any place within the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. These people are called 'The Shunned'.

Research into the origins of the affliction caused by the Tempest has led scholars of the Enclave to believe that the released Arcane Infused Ore Residue changes the chemistry in the brain in such a way, that the infected see all things as hostile. The chemical impulses that stimulate reasoning have been altered in such a way that the most primal instincts have taken over most of the body's primary functions. The results affect the Shunned in such a way that they will attack anything on sight that is not infected with the same disease and will fight for their survival to the last breath. This is true for infected wildlife, humans and daevi alike.

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