Quests are handed out by various Non-Player Characters throughout the game. When starting out, your Fame Level will be minimal and not many Non-Player Characters will have Quests available. But as you gain Fame and your Fame Level rises, so will more Non-Player Characters notice your presence and abilities and have Quests available for you.

Non-Player Characters with Quests available will have a Closed Yellow Chronicle floating above them. These Characters are called Quest Givers. Talking with Quest Givers will provide you with a Quest Dialogue. After reading through the Quest Dialogue you can click Decline to reject the Quest or Accept to accept the Quest.

Once a Quest is accepted, you can complete it by fulfilling all its Objectives. Objectives can be anything, from talking to Characters, to reaching certain location, to slaying mighty adversaries. When you fulfil an Objective you will receive a notification of this on-screen. If a Character is part of an Objective it will have a Opened Red Chronicle floating above it, requiring you to talk with it. Once all Objectives are fulfilled you can complete the Quest by talking to a Quest Finisher, which will also have a Opened Red Chronicle floating above it. Often the Finisher is the same Character as the Quest Giver, but it can be a completely different Character at a completely different location.

Be sure to read the Quest Dialogue thoroughly to grasp all Objectives and understand who you’ll need to talk to finish it. Be aware that sometimes even the Quest Finisher might be hidden or might not be the true Finisher. Basically, anything is possible; so gather as much information as possible.

Some Quests are confined within a Quest Chain. This means that there is a series of Quests that logically follow each other. Completing a Quest, will allow you access to the next one, instead of being dependent upon your Fame Level for appearing. Quest Chains can be any size and are often used to tell the greater stories of The Chronicles of Spellborn®.

Quest rewards in Spellborn include armor, weapons, Sigils, fame, money and many other useful things.

Ancestral Quests Edit

There are Quests within The Chronicles of Spellborn® that are induced through the Oracle: these are the Ancestral Quests. Players accepting these Quests will receive the Ancestral Dream to experience specific events as they happened. These Ancestral Quests are Instances.

Source: Official Site - TCOS Manual

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