In every society there are those that do not fit in. They either oppose the current ruling government or are simply too lazy and incompetent to be of any use to the greater cause. Whenever the Enclave feels such a person is in their midst, they ‘remove’ said person sometimes together with its entire family, by virtue of something called the Law of Ousting. As a result the Enclave creates yet another fine addition to a group called The Ousted.

The Ousted consist of drifters, refugees and former Enclave citizens and although they may look like a rag tag bunch of scrawny looking individuals trying to get by, their common predicament binds them together closely. Both humans and daevi Ousted live together outside of Enclave controlled territory. Sometimes on man made structures floating in the Deadspell Storm called Raftyards; rocks and rubble tied together using anything they can get their hands on.

Within the Ousted, pirating, thieving and other illegitimate means of gaining wealth are a fact of everyday life and as such some individuals have made quite a name for themselves. Those are the kind of Ousted an adventurer should be weary of; greedy and bereft of all morals, these individuals have nothing to lose.

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