If you live for profit and do not shun the misery of others, you might well find yourself suited for a life in the Brotherhood of the Glaive. This secretive group of warriors and traders are extremely cunning and use every opportunity they get to make some money.

The Brotherhood of the Glaive finds its origin during the start of the tenth century in which the Enclave fully exploited the mines on the Shard Mount of Heroes. Unfortunately the Howlers had delved further underground as well and the miners inadvertently opened up a passage bringing the Enclave once again in direct contact with the horrendous creatures. The second Howler War started.

This time the Howlers proved to be far more difficult to contain: the Enclave’s stronghold Boltfort was constantly under attack, but considering the howlers appeared in the mines and even further to the west, things were looking grim.

The Enclave moved itself into a stalemate and instead of taking immediate action reinvigorated their Forge of Wisdom which was researching the howlers in order to find a weakness or exploit against them. But there were people in House Maul that did not sit well with this decision. Amongst them: Commander Brole Exeto.

Exeto’s unit was stationed at Mount of Heroes and found him and his men constantly hampered by the bureaucratic nonsense the Enclave pursued and its consequential misconduct. Unable to do what he wanted to do most - protect the people of Mount of Heroes - Exeto called together his men and announced his resignation. It was met with a thunderous roar of approval and the entire unit agreed with Exeto. There and then the Enclave unit was disbanded and its men defected from the High Houses. Instead a new organization was founded: the Brotherhood of the Glaive.

Almost instantaneously life improved on Mount of Heroes as the Brotherhood fought with all their might to push the howlers back. Many fell but even more people would join their ranks swayed by their displayed courage. Those unable to join tended to the wounded and kept the Brotherhood running logistically. Even Evhiel Muaun cared for their lives when she still walked Mount of Heroes.

All of that changed when after completing their new headquarters Exarchyon Brole Exeto set out to Ringfell to learn from the Speyrfolk warriors in the hope of finding more strength against the howlers. The creatures were kept in a stalemate and grew more dormant over the course of time, but Exeto feared another fierce outbreak. Unfortunately it would be his last journey. Brole Exeto did not return. Shagaine Lunsifarn, Exeto’s second in command, took control two years later and claimed the Enclave had assassinated Brole Exeto. A very likely event as the Enclave openly claimed the Brotherhood to be a band of rogues. The Brotherhood sided with Lusinfarn’s claim and small conflict began to erupt between the Encalve and the Brotherhood.

It was during Tykaru’s Tyranny that the two openly decalred war on each other as the Brotherhood of the Glaive allied itself with the Tyrant. The Brotherhood of the Glaive have been enemies of the Enclave ever since.

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