How long can you hold a grudge? If you are one of the Arionites, it could well be more than 400 years! The Arionites are a well organized group consisting exclusively out of humans that are all direct descendants of the warriors that joined Aryones Ithkari. Ithkari was sent to Carnyx with a band of warriors to rid the Encalve of the Vhuul threat. Instead Ithkari failed to do so and was captured and brainwashed by the Vhuul. In this state he committed atrocities the likes the Enclave had never witnessed by single-handedly killing all the warriors under his command.

It was after his crimes against the Enclave that Aryones became known as Shadow’s Hammer. When the Enclave found out what had transpired on Carnyx, they sent out a delegation of warriors to reason with him. But things did not go as the Enclave had thought they would, for when the delegation arrived it was instead completely corrupted and sided with Shadow’s Hammer’s cause. This event is recorded in history as the birth of the Arionites.

It was after Shadow’s Hammer was caught and executed, that the Enclave found out what the Arionites were capable of. The death of their leader, in their eyes unjustly executed by the Enclave, caused the Arionites to retaliate with a fervent hate the Enclave had not thought possible. Over the years, Arionite spies had infiltrated the other High Houses of the Enclave and by doing so gained a foothold into the ruling of the Enclave. These spies created an uprising within the Enclave and although it was suppressed and they were eventually rooted out, it is not sure all were caught. To this very day, the Arionites will not rest until the death of Aryones Ithkari is avenged. The only way they see vengeance will be utterly dealt is by the complete destruction of the entire Enclave.

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