Bodyslots are basically the most subclass distinguishing feature of Spellborn. Of course, each subclass gets its own specific skills, but the bodyslots really bring the extra flavor. Each player will receive his first bodyslot item when a subclass is chosen at level 5. An extra toolbar will appear with 5 action buttons. The player can buy the bodyslots items at the appropriate shops in game. At level 50 each class will have around 10 to 15 body slots to choose from.

In general, a player equips his bodyslot items in his bodyslot action bar before combat. It’s not possible to switch these during combat. During combat, the player can activate the bodyslots whenever they are available, only one at the time though. These mechanics are slightly different per class, but this is how it functions in general.

Blood Warrior

The blood warrior’s bodyslots come in the form of Scars. War wounds, lessons of battles fought. When a bodyslot item is equipped in the bodyslot bar, its scar is shown on the players’ body. Slashes across the chest, arms and even across the face show the experience of this warrior. If you want to have a pretty silk smooth skin, this class is not for you, these are the rugged guys, taking blows to protect friends and dragging down enemies when they get pounded themselves. All equipped Scars are visible, but only one Scar can be activated at the time. The durations are still under review, but currently I expect these to be around 60 seconds with yet to be determined cool downs. Some of the Scars work in conjunction with bloodlinks, most are considerable self buffs. The self buffs are always tradeoffs, which makes correct use imperative for survival. This already shows in the first Scar Blood Warriors will receive:

Magical Repulsion: Increase Magic Resistance. Decrease Melee Resistance.


The more subtle warrior is capable of being possessed by spirits of old. These possessions bring their own aura with buff and/or debuff effects for both friendly and enemy players. A Wrathguard can permanently be possessed, but can only have one possession active at a time. The tradeoffs some aura’s have are particularly dangerous to use, since all party members are affected by it. Some will only have a positive effect, like the first possession, however, enemies in range also benefit from it!

The Squire’s Grasp: All characters in the Aura do increased damage when using Melee Skills.


The trickster uses all kinds of cunning gadgets. The player will receive different types of gadgets, which can be placed in the bodyslot bar, one of these gadgets can be selected at a time. Tricksters will have a ‘Throw’ skill, which can be placed in the skill deck like a regular skill. When ‘Throw’ is executed, the selected gadget is thrown on the target location. The effects of the gadgets usually work on all targets in range and can vary from instant damage to healing over time effects. Initially, some gadgets would receive actual limited ammo, currently though, all ammo is infinite, but some gadgets have a longer cool down. What do you guys think about ammo/cooldown? The first gadget players will receive at level 5:

Disorienting Charge: Reduce Concentration.


Our poison specialist has a wide array of poisons which mainly work to debuff a target. Apart from being a great benefit for the player, it’s also a great advantage for a group. The poisons work similar to the gadgets, a selection of skills uses the selected poison as added effect, these skills are labeled as “Poisonous attack”. The first poison available:

Standard Poison, 5: Moderate damage over time.


The one everyone wants to know about. To confuse foes and elude enemies the Skinshifter is able to shift its physical appearance to the likes of other humanoids and wildlife as well as inanimate objects like a plant. Combat is not possible in a different shape, any damage received will remove the shape effect as well. Players can simply load several appearances in their bodyslot action bar and activate/deactivate at will.

The first shape that will be available for the skinshifter is the Boar! (Note: The Devs are working on skinshifters bodyslots to add other benefits to them to bring them up to the usefulness of the other classes bodyslots.)

Void Seer

The Void Seer, wielders of anti-magic, uses bodyslots for the sole purpose of buffing themselves. Their soulshards grant buffs affecting anything that might benefit them. The buffs aren’t trade offs, there are no negative effects, only positive. The bodyslot items are named ‘soulshards’ now, but this is a placeholder name, their eventual name is still under discussion. The current favorite candidate is ‘Void Field’. The graphics for these effects are still under development as well, but they will resemble something like a small ‘black hole’ surrounding the player, varying in graphics per different buff. The first one obtained:

Lesser Ousted Shard: Increase magic damage.

Ancestral Mage

Our one and only pet class! These mages summon spirits to their aid. A lot of their normal skills also rely on the presence of their pet or have direct influence on their pet. The different pets are really focused on a specific task so I imagine there will be frequent switching between the summons during a single fight. The player can put several different summon types in the body slot bar. When a spirit is summoned by activating the body slot bar, the body slot bar changes into a control bar, containing all necessary pet commands. These buttons will cover all pet behavior like attack, follow, stay, aggressive, defensive, passive and dismiss. Pets have their own skilldeck which cannot be controlled in any way. The different pets will cover all possible tasks available in the game, the first one is a typical melee spirit.

Summon Hyena Spirit: Deals moderate melee damage. Medium spirit.

Rune Mage

The Rune Mages mastered the art of tattoos. These tattoos show on the player body just like the scars of the Blood Warrior do. They look different than the ‘regular’ tattoo’s and aren’t just for visual coolness, they can be activated to provide powerful self buffs. Most tattoo effects improve healing and damage done, but some enhance debuffs of certain skills. Like the Void Seer, the Rune Mages’ bodyslots are typically self buffs, the first one being:

The Explosion: Enhance damage spells.


The Adept, master of weapons and fighting techniques is in touch with the soul, the very essence of weapons and fighting equipment. At any point in combat he can call upon these weapon essences to characterize his current attacks or strengthen his position. The Weapon Essences focus on all types of attacks as well as defence. The first one is an essence of the sword.

Double Edge: Each melee attack causes bleeding on target when hit and bleeding on skill user when missed.

Information from, The Chronicles of Spellborn: Developer Chat Summary