One of the more crucial elements of combat in The Chronicles of Spellborn®, is Aiming Skills. When you are Prepared you will have to aim a Skill at a target to perform it correctly. If it is properly aimed at a target and within range, the Skill will hit, otherwise it will miss. Clicking on a target to select it will not automatically make a Skill hit a target.

To aim, enter Prepared State and hold down the Right Mouse Button while you move the Mouse accordingly. The Cursor will then change into the Reticule used for combat. Remember that you can also press R to enter Fixed View Mode while Prepared to negate the requirement to hold the Right Mouse Button down. Align the Reticule with the target and perform your Skill by clicking the Left Mouse Button.

Not only do you need to align the Reticule to execute a Skill successfully, you will also need to be in range. The range of a Skill differs per Skill. They can be any of the following:

  • Short Range Skills - These Skills only hit targets close by. Aim the Reticule at a nearby target.
  • Long Range Skills - These Skills only hit targets far away. Aim the Reticule at a far away target.
  • Target Skills - These Skills hit all targets between the Player Character and the outer range limit. Aim the Reticule at a far away target to hit all targets in between.
  • Target Position Skills - These Skills hit all targets within a target area. Aim the Reticule at the spot you want the Area of Effect to be centred.

As a visual identifier, the Reticule will change depending upon your range, selected skill type and the validity of the target.

Combat ReticuleEdit

To support aiming in the heat of battle, we have a reticule which communicates all necessary information, so you never have to look away from your opponent. In this article, you can find the different types of reticules as you will see them in-game. Skills have different reticule attached to them, depending on the type of skills used (Magic, Melee, Ranged) and depending on the range required to successfully execute a skill.

Combat ret01
When this dot appears in the center of the reticule, the currently selected skill is ready to be used.

Combat ret02
When this arrow appears above the reticule, you should move closer to your target.

Combat ret03
When this arrow appears below the reticule, you should move further away from your target.

Combat ret04
When this inner red ring appears, you are aiming at a valid target for the currently selected skill. (Note: this inner ring will be equally visible on Magic, Melee, Ranged reticules)

Combat ret05
Reticule used for Magic Area of Effect Skills

Combat ret06
Reticule used for Magic Short Range Skills

Combat ret07
Reticule used for Magic Skills cast on Self

Combat ret08
Reticule used for Magic Long Range Skills

Combat ret09
Reticule used for Magic Front Cone Attacks

Combat ret10
Reticule used for Melee Area of Effect Skills

Combat ret11
Reticule used for Melee Skills

Combat ret12
Reticule used for Melee Backstab Skills (Note: backstab skills still damage opponents even if not executed from behind, although, damage output will be less significant)

Combat ret14
Reticule used for Ranged Attack Skills (Bow )

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